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Speech Language Pathology Services for Inpatients

We offer Speech Language Pathology services for inpatients.

Speech Language Pathology works to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

  • Speech disorders occur when a person has difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently (e.g., stuttering is a form of disfluency) or has problems with his or her voice resonance.
  • Language disorders occur when a person has trouble understanding others, or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Language disorders may be spoken or written and may involve the form, content, and/or use of language in functional and socially appropriate ways.
  • Social communication disorders occur when a person has trouble with the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication. These disorders may include problems communicating for social purposes, taking in different ways to suit the listener and setting, and following rules for conversation and storytelling.
  • Cognitive-communication disorders include problems organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering, planning, and/or problem solving. These disorders usually happen as a result of a s stroke, traumatic brain injury, or dementia, although they can be congenital.
  • Swallowing disorders are feeding and swallowing difficulties, which may follow an illness, surgery, stroke or injury.