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Patient Portal

CernerHealth offers a convenient and secure way to manage your healthcare online — anytime, anywhere.

By using CernerHealth, you can:

  • Access your medical records
  • Review medications
  • View lab and imaging results
  • Access your vaccination records

If you have children between the ages 12 to 17, you may view their allergy and immunization information through the portal.

Access CernerHealth

If you have trouble creating your account or logging in, please call the Customer Care support line at 888-824-0514.

Creating an account for yourself

To create a CernerHealth login for yourself, register online or ask your healthcare provider to email you an invitation during your next visit.

If you register online, you will need either your medical record number (MRN), last four digits of your social security number or email address. If you received an email invitation, the email includes detailed instructions to become a user and access your information.

Requesting access to your child’s information

If you’re a parent and need access to your child’s information, you must request access during your next visit, or by calling Patient Access at 973-266-4459.

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