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Behavioral Health: Partial Hospital Program

Partial Hospital Program

The Adult Partial Hospital Program, located in the East Pavilion, is designed to benefit those who need a higher level of care than outpatient treatment but whose symptoms do not warrant inpatient treatment. This program is also ideal for clients ages 18 and older and their families who suffer from emotional and behavioral health challenges, who need to transition from inpatient psychiatric care to their community. Clients attend daily group therapy, individual counseling and a variety of psycho educational groups that focus on skill building, identification and management of mental illness symptoms and coping skills.

The Partial Hospital Program is the most intensive outpatient mental health treatment service available. It provides up to 6 hours of therapy each weekday. Each Partial Hospital consumer is evaluated by an interdisciplinary team including a psychiatrist, so that an individualized treatment plan can be developed to meet the specific needs of every consumer.

Individuals are encouraged to attend all five days. Specific programs are tailored to the needs of the young adult, the older adult and individuals actively preparing to return to work and to the community.

A compassionate and skilled staff including psychiatrists, therapists and social workers partner with each client and their family to assess medication efficacy, determine individual strengths and needs. As well as develop healthy coping skills to restore the individual’s sense of well-being and hopefulness for the future.

Positive change is most often initiated and perpetuated through the family, which is why the Adult Partial and Acute Partial Hospital Program encourages parents and other adults to be involved in family therapy sessions. All individuals and their families are empowered to become aware of their needs and how to address each of these needs and preferences. Through ongoing counseling and as needed medication monitoring, each patient collaborates with his/her treating psychiatric physician and psychotherapist in addressing their individualized needs and the achievement of emotional wellness and recovery.

Hours of Operation and Contact Information:

Located in the East Pavilion, the Adult Partial and Acute Partial Hospital Program operates Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Adult Partial and Acute Partial Hospital Program – 973-414-6697